Improve Your Phosphoproteomic Assays

Published on 16/02/2022

We are happy to launch a new tool for standardization of mass spectrometry-based proteomic assays:

Collection of 24 phosphopeptides for standardization of phosphoproteomics workflows. Control your phospho proteomic workflow including sample workup, enrichment and LC-MS/MS. Establish HPLC retention time (RT) windows for targeted detection of phosphopeptides, perform optimization of LC-MS gradients and column performance evaluation.
  • Non-natural occurring peptides (allowing application in biological samples)
  • Non-isotopically labeled peptides (facilitating inclusion into database searches)
  • Broad LC gradient coverage
  • Stable RTs across multiple injections
  • High Andromeda scores
  • Sharp peak shapes

Have a look at our other Proteomics Standardization & Control Kits:

Normalize retention times in proteomics experiments and optimize HPLC gradients.
  • Zolg el al., Proteomics 2017
  • Gessulat et al., Nature Methods 2019
  • Zecha et al., Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2020
  • Bian et al., Nature Communications 2020
  • Wilhelm et al., Nature Communications 2021

Monitor the efficiency of carbamidomethylation during proteomic sample preparation.
  • Schnatbaum et al., Application Note 2016

Estimate efficiency & reproducibility of tryptic sample preparation.

Measure challenging synthetic phosphopeptides from a set of peptides that were not originally designed as standardization kit. 
  • Schmidlin et al., Cell Systems 2019

Overcome the numerous challenges in PTM Proteomics (e.g. flow endogenous abundance, low ionization intensity…)
  • Zolg et al., Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 2018 

For more information on the use of our proteomics products, have a look at the corresponding publications and applications notes
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