Take Control of Your T Cell Assays - Recent Publications Covering our Peptide Control Pools

Published on 30/10/2023

We have recently launched an updated version of our proprietary CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool, namely the CEFSX Ultra SuperStim Pool. This new control pool now provides coverage for a broad range of HLA sub-types and different infectious agents including SARS-CoV-2 Spike antigens, generating specific T cell responses across different biogeographical ancestries. 

Our positive and negative control pools cover a variety of infectious diseases and human antigens allowing for reliable validation of your T cell assays. 

Moreover, take a peek at publications making use of our extensive catalog, as they exemplify the range of our control products and their applicability in immunotherapy, vaccine development, method developments, or cancer research: 

  1. Ablative radiation alone in stage I lung cancer produces an adaptive systemic immune response: insights from a prospective study
    Voong et al., Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (2023) – PMID: 37793854
    Products used: CEFX Ultra SuperStim Pool MHC-II Subset, PepMix™ HIV-1 (GAG) 
  2. Polyfunctional CD4 T-cells correlating with neutralising antibody is a hallmark of COVISHIELDTM and COVAXIN® induced immunity in COVID-19 exposed Indians
    Rakshit et al., NPJ Vaccines (2023) – PMID: 37709772
    Product used: CEFT Pool 
  3. Validation of the performance and suitability of a new class of FBS optimized for use in single-cell functional assays
    Berrong et al., Journal of Immunological Methods (2023) – PMID: 36858170
    Products used: CEF Pool (extended)CEFT MHC-II PoolPepMix™ HCMVA (pp65) 
  4. Age-related Differences in Immune Reactions to SARS-CoV-2 Spike and Nucleocapsid Antigens
    Morhart et al., In Vivo (2023) – PMID: 36593041
    Products used: CEFX Ultra SuperStim PoolPepMix™ Human (Actin)
  5. The pre-existing T cell landscape determines the response to bispecific T cell engagers in multiple myeloma patients
    Friedrich et al., Cancer Cell (2023) – PMID: 36898378
    Product used: CEFT Pool
  6. Individualized, heterologous chimpanzee adenovirus and self-amplifying mRNA neoantigen vaccine for advanced metastatic solid tumors: phase 1 trial interim results
    Palmer et al., Nature Medicine (2022) – PMID: 35970920
    Product used: CEF Pool (standard) 

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