Back-to-School Offer: 20% Discount on Custom Peptides

Published on 16/08/2023

Summer is coming to an end and we are slowly returning to our desks and putting on our labcoats. As the provider of the largest variety of custom peptide formats, we at JPT are happy to come to you with a Back-to-School Special: From now until September 15th take advantage of a Limited Time 20% discount on all custom peptide and all custom peptide pool services*! 

Email us now and receive your personal quotation to secure your 20% discount! Our Customer Support and Business Development teams will gladly guide you along the way and discuss your research requirements. 

Find out more about our other custom peptide options. As always, we appreciate any feedback and comments. 

*This offer includes all research grade custom peptides in amounts of 1mg and above.

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