Shipping Prices

Most of JPT’s products will be shipped at room temperature.
JPT Epoxy Slides, Peptide Conjugates and MHC Multimers will be shipped chilled.
Upon request, JPT offers shipment on dry or blue ice with or without temperature tracking.
Please check the product’s specific recommended storage temperature mentioned in the datasheet or application protocol!

Shipment within Germany: 20 EUR
Shipment within Europe: 50 EUR
Shipment to the USA & Canada: 60 USD
Shipment to all other countries: 140 USD
Chilled Shipment within Germany: 80 EUR
Chilled Shipment within Europe: 150 EUR
Chilled Shipment to the USA & Canada: 290 USD
Chilled to all other countries: 290 USD

For bulk orders higher shipping costs might be applicable.

For direct orders in our catalog, shipping fees will be added automatically in your cart, after you have checked out.
For quote requests, shipping fees will be added in your quotation.

Incoterms 2010: DAP (Delivered At Place) shipping point

All orders will be shipped by General Overnight and Fedex, prepaid and add by JPT unless instructed otherwise at the time of order.

Return of products will be accepted only with prior notification via email (! Please contact us for return shipping instructions and to receive an authorization for return. Please send your unused/unopened return product, along with a copy of your original receipt to our head office. 

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