Antigen-Spanning Peptide Pools

Antigen-spanning peptide pools (master pools) represent a whole antigen using overlapping peptides. The overlapping peptides cover every possible epitope within a protein in equal amounts. The benefits of using an antigen-spanning master pool of overlapping peptides are

  • Depending on peptide length and overlap both CD8 & CD4 responses can be addressed
  • Synthetic peptides have a reliable and tested quality
  • Synthetic peptide pools are free from animal derived starting materials
  • High batch-to batch reproducibility
  • Every antigen is easily accessible at low cost
  • Individual peptides and matrix pools can be produced from the same peptide batch

An overlapping peptide scan divides the original protein into sequentially overlapping peptides defined by peptide length and peptide offset.

Read more on the provision of overlapping peptide libraries.

Design your overlapping peptides with the free and easy-to-use PepSequencer or search our list of catalog PepMixes™ 

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use of the antigen spanning peptide pool
use of the antigen spanning peptide pool
use of the antigen spanning peptide pool

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