Manufacturability Evaluation/Ranking

JPT has developed an algorithm called PepSelector that performs an evaluation of manufacturability and feasibility ranking of peptide sequences. PepSelector applyies a proprietary manufacturability algorithm on the basis of literature and experimental data from several tens of thousands of synthetic peptides. The algorithm considers amino acid coupling efficiencies, side reactions during the synthesis process, peptide stability, peptide solubility, correlation of physicochemical properties and secondary structure propensities with manufacturability, the ability to be purified and reconstituted in aqueous buffers.

The goal of applying this algorithm is to predict potential difficulties and rank a given set of peptides according to their overall manufacturability.

Although PepSelector does not provide a go/no go differentiation of peptides for production it enables selection of peptides with higher success probabilities against peptides with an increased risk to fail. As a consequence it is an efficient tool to help ranking peptides for the fast, efficient and successful synthesis in turnaround sensitive studies such as neo-epitope based individualized immunotherapies. In addition to manufacturability evaluation the program may provide access to potential optimization of sequences that can be performed by simple shortening, extension or frame-shifting the peptide sequences along their parental antigen sequences.

Time needed: 1-2 days

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