Peptide Pool Design - Peptide Pool Formats

JPT designs and produces customized and catalog PepMix™ Peptide Pools with different peptide pool formats for many years. Based on our know-how and experience we are happy to provide recommendations on how to choose the appropriate peptide pool design for your experiments. Each peptide pool design addresses a specific scientific question. 

Peptide Pool Design Options

Antigen-Spanning Peptide Pools

Antigen-spanning peptide pools represent a whole antigen using overlapping peptides.

Matrix Pools

Matrix pools enable fast and minimal material consuming identification of epitopes within an antigen.

Neo-Epitope Pools

Neo-epitope pools are used for neo-epitope prioritization and immune monitoring.

Selected Epitope Pools

Selected epitope pools represent key immunodominant epitopes from different antigens or pathogens.

Antigen Discovery Pools

Antigen discovery pools are inexpensive with fast delivery for your discovery projects.


Ultra pools address sequence diversity as found in viruses, other pathogens and tumor cells.

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