Overlapping Peptide Library

Overlapping peptide libraries as designed by an overlapping peptide scan are used to

  • Scan an antigen sequence for epitopes (epitope mapping)
  • Screen a protein for a substrate
  • Search for other binding sites within a given protein
  • Identify a T-cell epitope
  • Stimulate T-cells in T-cell assays
  • Map antibody epitopes

Overlapping peptide libraries are generated by dividing the original protein or peptide sequence into many overlapping peptides of the same length. The overlapping peptides are defined by peptide length and peptide offset. The optimal peptide length for epitope mapping is 8 to 20 amino acids with an offset of 2-4 amino acids.

Use our free and easy-to-use PepSequencer  for generation of overlapping peptide sequences!

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