FAQ: PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays - Detection

Please refer to the corresponding frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.
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Which amount of antibody is needed?

We need about 10-50 µg antibody per microarray experiment. Please inform us about buffer composition.

Is there a specific concentration you would like the antibody solution?

We would like to have the 10-50 µg of antibody as highly concentrated as possible.

What is the address to send the antibody solution?

Always contact us for approval before you ship any product to us.
We will help with the proper shipping documentation.

How should I send the antibody solution?

Do not ship any product to JPT without clearing the shipment procedure with our customer support (
The procedures for clearing antibodies/proteins through Customs have been tightened in 2013.
Therefore, please follow the recommendations below to avoid any problems by importing your goods.
1) Send us, using the online formular we will send you, a list of the products to be sent and we will prepare a proforma invoice for your shipment
2) Please use FedEx or World Courier to ship your antibodies/proteins and provide a FedEx (or World Courier-) tracking number as soon as available. We will track the shipment and contact the carrier as soon as the package arrives in Germany to speed up the customs procedure.
3) In case of dry ice shipment please add enough dry ice for at least one week.

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