FAQ: JPT 3D-Epoxy Glass Slides

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How are JPT 3D-Epoxy Glass Slides delivered?

Slides will be shipped chilled on dry ice and are sealed under an inert atmosphere (Argon).

How many slides are sealed in one box?

We can offer delivery of slides in sealed boxes containing 5 or 25 slides.

If I did not use all slides in the box, should I reseal it under argon?

We do not recommend resealing of an already opened box since moisture may have condensed immediately after opening at the slide surface that can't be removed by resealing.

How stable are the slides?

For slides in ORIGINALLY sealed boxes, the expiration time is 6 months.
For slides in opened boxes, we are not able to give definite data since stability of the reactive slides very much depends on the environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.
We suggest using such slides within a few days.

How do I store my JPT 3D-Epoxy Glass Slides?

We recommend storing the sealed slides at 4 to 10°C.
Make sure to leave the sealed slides at room temepratur to allow them to adjust well before usage!
Please avoid taking cold slides out of the sealed boxes since moisture would condensate rapidly on the surface thus leading to a reduced reactivity.

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