FAQ: How to Use the Human Proteome Peptide Catalog?

How to use the filters?

To search in in this huge and complex peptide library we offer 14 different filters. Use the “Add Filter” dropdown menu to select one or several filter options. You can add as many filters as you wish to search for your peptides. If several filters are applied, only peptides that comply with all filter criteria will be found. 

How do I use the filter menus?

You can type one or several search terms (sequences, protein IDs etc.) in each filter box.
By clicking on the "i" on the in the right upper corner of the filter box ,  you can find the corresponding information for each filter: By clicking on the "x" in the left upper corner, you can remove a filter option from your selection .
For many filters you can also select if you like the results to be a partial or a full match to your entry:    

How do the scroll bars work?

For some filter options (start positon in protein, peptide length, score) the selection works via scroll bars. You can move the bars either with the mouse or you can mark one bar and move it with the left/right keys on your keyboard to fine tune your selection.

How do you search?

If you are ready with adjusting your filters, click the "Search" button and a results table with a list of peptides appears. If you want to remove all the filters click "Delete all".

Can I sort my search results?

Within the table you can sort the peptides according to peptide sequence, protein name, score, length, or price category by clicking on the dark grey arrows next to the title in each table column. 

What information is in the results table?

Mod Sequence
Actual peptide sequence including all (post-translational) modifications and N- and C-terminus

Protein name
Annotated protein name. In case of very long protein names, only the first part is shown. Please hover over the dotted arrow next to it to show the full name.

Uniprot ID , Uniprot Entry, Gene Name
The links lead directly to the entries in the Uniprot website. Please hover over the dotted arrow next to it to show all entries.

Proteomics DB
Links lead to the peptide and protein entries in ProteomicsDB. For each peptide you will find CID, HCD, ETD and EThcD spectra and detailed information.

Protease used to get this specific peptide

Andromeda score determined during the Proteome Tolls project

Peptide amino acid length

Price category
Prices are calculated depending on the synthesis effort necessary:

Price Category Kind of peptides (7-25aa)
1 Non-modified peptide
2 Modified with standard PTM (e.g. Kac)
3 Modified with special PTM (e.g. Kcro)
4 Modified with ultraspecial PTM (e.g. Glyco)



How do I select my peptides from the table?

When a search has been performed, all peptides in the results table are selected. You can deselect or reselect a peptide by clicking on the small square in the left column. Above the table you can see how many peptides are selected and you can place all selected peptides in your shopping cart to buy.

Which peptide format do I select?

In the drop down menu above the table you have to select one of 4 available peptide formats before you can place the peptides in your cart.
You can order

  • Individual light SpikeTides™ peptides
  • Individual stable isotope labeled SpikeTides™_L peptides
  • Light SpikeMix™ peptide pools
  • Stable isotope labeled SpikeMix™_L peptide pools

For further information on SpikeMix™ and SpikeTides™ refer to the product pages.

How do I place peptides in my cart?

After selecting your peptides and peptide format you can place all selected peptides in your shopping cart by clicking the shopping cart button above the table. All selected peptides will be delivered as one set or peptide pool that you can name in the next step. Also the total price for the set or pool is indicated. You can then check out (by clicking the button "Proceed to checkout") or add another peptide set or pool to your cart (by clicking the button "Continue shopping").

Can I export "my" peptide list?

When you have reached the shopping cart you can download a list of your peptides in csv format. 

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