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What is a BioTide™?

Biotides™ are the most inexpensive source of custom synthesized biotinylated peptides for screening application relying on the interaction between biotin and streptavidine.

How much peptide do I receive?

approx. 50 nmol total peptide amount (approx. 10 nmol target peptide).

How quickly can I get my BioTides™?

Up to 5000 BioTides™ will be delivered within 10 working days.

Where is the Biotin located and how is it attached?

The Biotin is located at the N-terminal end of the peptide and is attached via a flexible linker system enabling optimal interaction with the streptavidine.

How will BioTides™ be synthesized?

BioTides™ are synthesized on planar cellulose surfaces in a stepwise manner from the C- to N-terminus using preactivated Fmoc amino acids.
After synthesis, BioTides™ are cleaved from the membrane. This synthetical method is called "SPOT synthesis" and guarantees synthesis of high numbers of peptides in very short times.

How is the C-terminal end of BioTides™ defined?

Standard BioTides™ consist of an additional glycine acid or amide at the C-terminus due to technical reasons.
Individual C-terminal amino acids are also feasible at added costs (minimum order: 384 peptides).

What is the purity of BioTides™?

All BioTides™ are synthesized as non-purified materials.
The purity of each BioTide™ depends on its primary sequence.
Typically the biotinylated peptide represents the main product.

How long can a BioTide™ be?

Since purity of BioTides™ drops with increasing length we do not recommend BioTides longer than 20 amino acids.

How are BioTides™ QC’d?

5% of BioTides™ will be analyzed by LC-MS. In addition, JPT performs LC-MS of technical control sequences for each synthesis batch.
Additional LC-MS analyses is available upon request.

What is the delivery format of BioTides™?

BioTides™ are delivered in ready-to-use in 96-well microplates (one freeze dried peptide per well, not immobilized, ready-to-dilute).

Is there a minimum order size?

Minimum order size is 24 peptides.
For peptides with individual C-terminal amino acids minimum order size is 384 peptides.

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