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About SpikeTides™ Set Cytokines (Human) - light

Collection of 461 representative proteotypic peptides for 361 human cytokines. Unlabeled peptides for rapid SRM assay setup and usage in mass-spectrometry based proteomics (MRM).

SpikeTides™ Set Cytokines (Human) - light - Specifications

Amount: approx. 50-150 pmol per peptide
Purity: crude
Delivery Format: 96 well microtiter plate
Application(s): Proteomics, Cancer biomarker research
Condition(s)/Topic(s): Alzheimer's disease, Breast cancer, Burkitt's lymphoma, Cancer, Gastric cancer, Major depression, Malignant genital cancers, Melanoma, Prostate cancer
Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 days

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JPT's SpikeTides™ Sets Cytokines
JPT produced a set of 461 proteotypic peptides for the detection of the 361 most relevant human cytokines by mass-spectrometry based proteomics. Cytokines are immunomodulating agents, such as interleukins, lymphokines, monokines, colony stimulationg factors, chemokines and interferons. They are regulators of host responses to infection, immune responses, inflammation, and trauma. This set is available with light or stable isotope labeled (using heavy Arg U-13C6, U-15N4 or Lys U-13C6, U-15N2) peptides.

Benefits of JPT' s SpikeTides™ Sets Cytokines
- Quantification of multiple cytokines from a single sample (e.g. IFN, IL-1, IL-2, IL-10, TNF, TGF)
- First economic heavy peptide set available
- Multiplexed analysis of disease status and therapeutic success
- MRM transitions available (Foster et al., J. Proteome Res. 2015)



References for SpikeTides™ Set Cytokines (Human) - light

Read References with Reference Peptides for Targeted Proteomics - SpikeTides™ & SpikeMix™

Application Notes
Development of a Multiplexed Targeted SRM Assay for NCI’s Top Tumor Associated Antigens
Soderblom et al., Application Note (2015) Full text
Absolute Quantification of Metabolic Enzymes via Targeted Proteomics using a new Kit of SpikeTides™ Peptides
Bindel et al., Application Note (2015) Full text
Development and Characterization of SpikeMix™ ABRF (cross-Species Standard) Consisting of 1,000 Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides
Colangelo, Application Note (2014) Full text

"As Director of the Protein Profiling at Yale Keck Biotechnology Resource Facility, I coordinated a collaboration between the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) standard proteomic research group (sPRG) and JPT Peptide Technologies to develop the ABRF cross-species SpikeMix™ peptide pool. The joint development turned out to be an extraordinary effective endeavor and the resulting product was qualified in more than 52 proteomics labs around the globe. I was impressed by JPT's scientific and technological capabilities as well as their enthusiasm to drive the project forward."
Christopher M. Colangelo, Director of Protein Profiling at Keck Biotechnology Resource Facility, Yale University, USA

"Our research at Stanford University seeks to discover unconventional translation products, and proteins made by unsequenced organisms; to characterize a wide array of protein post-translational modifications; and to perform peptide antigen binding assays. On all of these fronts, we are in need of high quality peptide standards for assay development and protein quantification. The successful collaboration with the team at JPT Peptide Technologies and their wide range of products has been a critical factor for advancing my group's research."
Joshua E. Elias, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical & Systems Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Clark Center, Stanford, CA


Properties of SpikeTides™ Set Cytokines (Human) - light

Properties Values
Amount: approx. 50-150 pmol per peptide
Application: Cancer biomarker research, Proteomics
Category: SpikeTides™ Reference Peptides
Condition / Topic: Alzheimer's disease, Breast cancer, Burkitt's lymphoma, Cancer, Gastric cancer, Major depression, Malignant genital cancers, Melanoma, Prostate cancer
Layout: 96 well microtiter plate
Organism: Human
Protein Name: Cytokines
Purity: crude
Quantification: Yes

Further Information to SpikeTides™ Set Cytokines (Human) - light

Information Values
Sequence: See Layout and Sequences under Product Documentation
Specifications: 461 proteotypic peptides for 219 human cytokines in 96 well plates
TÜV Rheinland certified
Health - made in Germany
Quality Assurance

All production is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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