Transduction Enhancer Protransduzin™

Protransduzin™ is a highly efficient transduction enhancer, which increases lentiviral and retroviral gene transfer in preclinical and clinical applications, such as ex vivo gene therapy, CAR-T cell therapy development as well as bioproduction. 

Maximize your transduction with Protransduzin™ as Transduction Enhancer!

  • Low transduction efficiencies of viral vectors pose a significant problem in genetic cell engineering
  • Simply increasing viral amount to boost transduction may lead to cytotoxic effects
  • Common transduction enhancers (e.g. recombinant fibronectin)  are costly and require time consuming coating protocols
  • In contrast, Protransduzin™ (PTD) enhances transduction by bridging viruses to the cell surface in one step
  • Streamline your production process and reduce hands-on time by flexible addition directly to the culture media
  • Applicable with different viral vectors such as lentivirus or gamma-retrovirus
  • Works with many cell types, including T cells, macrophages and hematopoietic stem cells

Benefits of Transduction Enhancer Protransduzin™

  • Easy one-step protocol saves time and cost
  • No coating or cell transfer required, thus minimizing risk of contamination
  • At least as effective as commonly used transduction enhancers
  • Protransduzin™ Clinical Grade* for clinical applications available soon
  • Apply for a free sample (!

Applications for Transduction Enhancer Protransduzin™

  • Improve clinical transduction in gene and CAR-T cell therapy or bioproduction
  • Transduction with lentivirus and retrovirus
  • Concentration of virions by brief low-speed centrifugation 

* Protransduzin™ Clinical Grade is produced in an enhanced manufacturing environment according to JPT’s ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. It is intended as raw material for research use or ex vivo cellular processing only. Protransduzin™ is not to be used for human in vivo applications.

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Quality Assurance

All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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