SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools

SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools consist of overlapping & pooled peptides synthesized by our proprietary ultra-high throughput SPOT technology.  SPOT peptides are synthesized in small amounts fully automated and are purified by dialysis. Therefore, we are able to provide SpotMix™ and SpotMix™ PLUS Pools very quickly and at low cost. SpotMix™ Pools are optimal for broad antigen target discovery, T-cell epitope discovery and biological screening. SpotMix™ PLUS Pools have also been used for neo-epitope based immune monitoring. 

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Differences between SpotMix™ & PepMix™ Peptide Pools

  spotmix™ spotmix™plus customized pepmix™
Amount/Peptide Varying (approx. 5 to 20 µg / peptide depending on synthesis yield) 10 µg / peptide (each peptide quantified) From 1 mg / peptide (each peptide quantified)
Peptide Purity Purified by Dialysis Purified by Dialysis Unpurified or purified by HPLC up  to Clinical Grade grade
Peptide QC 5% peptides analyzed by LC-MS 100% peptides analyzed by LC-MS 100% peptides analyzed by LC-MS
Pool QC none none Full QC for each peptide pool warranting presence of each peptide
Applications Antigen discovery Neo-epitope based immune monitoring, Antigen discovery Clinical immune monitoring, preclinical & clinical research, immunotherapy
Delivery Time From 2 weeks From 3 weeks From 4 weeks
Price/Peptide 11€/$11 17€/$17 From 34,50€/$38.50


Applications for SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools

  • Antigen target discovery
  • Biological screening
  • Neo-epitope based immune monitoring

Application Notes:
A Fast & Low Cost Process for Neo-Epitope Based Immune Monitoring
by Evelyna Derhovanessian, BioNTech AG, Mainz, Germany

Benefits of SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools

  • Quick production
  • Parallel production of thousands of peptides resulting in hundreds of peptide pools
  • Most inexpensive custom peptide pools in the market

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