PTM Reference Peptide Standards

PTMs can be experimentally detected by a variety of techniques, including mass spectrometry, which can be challenging. PTM Reference Peptide Standards help to overcome challenges such as low endogenous abundance, low ionization intensity, changed fragmentation. JPT’s ready-to-use peptide collections, peptide pools and individual peptides carry 24 different post-translational modifications. Peptide sequences were carefully selected and defined for usage as reference standards in mass-spectrometry based proteomics to support PTM proteomics.

Benefits of PTM Reference Peptide Standards

  • Large range of PTM reference peptides
  • Selected for high recovery in LC-MS
  • Stable-isotope labeled (SIL)
  • Purified (& absolutely quantified)

PTM Reference Peptide Standards & Kits

199 different PTM Reference Kits and Peptides are available in our online shop

Further information and chemical structures of different Post-translational Modifications (PTMs)

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Quality Assurance

All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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