SpikeTides™ - Proteomics Peptide Standards

SpikeTides™ are customized peptides used as peptide standards for protein quantitation (or protein quantification) applying mass spectrometry based proteomics assays. They can represent proteotypic peptides or selected peptides synthesized on demand according to your sequences. We offer SpikeTides™ Proteomics Peptide Standards as stable isotope labeled peptides (heavy peptides or SIL peptides) or non-labeled (light peptides) with optional absolute quantitation (absolute quantification), barcoding, pooling or post-translational modifications. Read more about our method of peptide quantification.

SpikeTides™ _L stable isotope labeled peptides are cost efficient and reliable isotope labeled peptide standards using mass spectrometry based proteomics for SRM/MRM and PRM assay delevopment and relative protein quantification using heavy peptides for targeted proteomics assays.  

Additionally, we offer ready-to-use Peptide Sets & Pools (SpikeTides™ Sets & SpikeMixes™) comprising collections of heavy peptides for selected tumor associated antigens (TAAs), cytokines, kinase activation loops, peptide hormones or immune dominant epitopes.

SpikeTides™ Proteomics Standard Peptides Options:

SpikeMix™ – stable isotope-labeled proteotypic peptide pools

SpikeMix™ – stable isotope-labeled proteotypic peptide pools

Heavy isotope labeled proteotypic peptides mixed and aliquoted according to your specifications. Alkylation and post-translational modifications (PTMs such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, methylation and others) upon request.

$9.95 / peptide (250 - 499 pooled peptides)
$9.50 / peptide (500 - 999 pooled peptides)
$8.50 / peptide (from 1000 pooled peptides) 

Please also check our catalog SpikeMixes™for  tumor associated antigens, cytokine and standardization proteins on the Proteotypic Heavy Peptide Pools & Sets (SpikeMixes™ & SpikeTides™ Sets) page.

SpikeTides™ - light proteotypic peptides

SpikeTides™ Proteotypic Peptides

SpikeTides™ are customized, inexpensive, proteotypic peptides that terminate as C-terminal Arg/Lys.
Amounts: 30nmol/peptide
Purity: Unpurified
Application: Optimization and validation of multiplexed SRM assays 
Price: from 9 US$ / 8 € (depending on number of peptides ordered)
Validated pooling service available upon request!

SpikeTides™_L - isotopically labeled peptides

SpikeTides™_L Proteotypic Peptides

SpikeTides™_L are isotopically labeled, proteotypic peptides that terminate with C-terminal heavy Arg/Lys.
Amounts: appr. 10-30nmol/peptide (exact amount unknown!)
Purity: Unpurified
Application: Development of SRM assays and relative quantification of proteins using a single product
Price: from 19 US$ / 17 € (depending on number of peptides ordered)
Validated pooling service available upon request!

The use of this product may be subject of U.S. patent No. 7,501,286, the European patent 1,472,539 and corresponding patent applications owned by the President and Fellows of Harvard College, USA. The purchase of this product does not convey a license under any method claims in the foregoing patents or patent applications.

Maxi SpikeTides™ - options for large peptide amounts

Of course, all SpikeTides™ options can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Maxi SpikeTides™ are synthesized by standard resin-based custom peptide synthesis and very flexible. Choosing Maxi SpikeTides™ enables:

  • longer peptides
  • higher amounts per peptide
  • guaranteed purity for each peptide
  • no minimum peptide number
  • classical AAA quantification of peptides available
  • validated pooling service available

    Please inquire for your Maxi SpikeTides™ via email!

    Applications for SpikeTides™ Proteomics Peptide Standards

    • Developemt, optimization and validation of mass spectometry based proteomics assays
    • Relative quantification of proteins
    • Selection of proteotypic peptides with high mass spectrometry signal response
    • Find predominant peptide fragments specific for your proteotypic peptide to be used in MRM transition
    • Develop kits to quantify entire proteomic pathways

      Application Note:
      SpikeTides - Proteotypic Peptides for Large-Scale MS-Based proteomics
      by Karsten Schnatbaum

    Benefits of SpikeTides™ Proteomics Peptide Standards

    • Thousands of SpikeTides™ for MRM/PRM assays
    • Unmatched turnaround times (10 000 peptides/week!) and prices
    • Delivery in ready-to-use microtiter plates
    • Aliquotation and mixing service available
    • Is fully compatible with downstream analyses like MS and HPLC

    Testimonials for SpikeTides™ Proteomics Peptide Standards

    "My unit at the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, University of Toronto Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR) works on the systematic identification and quantification of proteins and protein complexes on a global level. In addition we have started to perform targeted proteomics to study protein regulation within pathways, e.g. signaling pathways during stem cell fate decision. For this we used JPT's various SpikeTides™ peptide products to build LC-MRM assays in a fast and cost efficient manner. More recently we also found new ways of using low cost SpikeTides™ as quantitative peptide standards in order to quantify protein targets more accurately. We are currently in the process of validating this technology for the accurate quantification of various predicted microRNA targets."
    Prof. Andrew Emili (Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto, Canada)

    “We at the ETH successfully apply JPT’s unpurified isotope- and non-labeled peptide libraries for proteome-wide SRM assays allowing us to identify and quantify proteins spanning a broad range of abundances, including proteins not previously detectable. With the ability to produce large numbers of affordable small scale proteotypic peptides we envision for the first time the development of assays for the quantitative analysis for any proteinof interest and covering of whole proteomes.”
    Paola Picotti, PhD (Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland) 

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