Peptide ELISA

Peptide ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) enables analysis and screening on amino acid sequence level, e.g. mapping of epitopes or definition of protein interaction sites, thus providing much more information than conventional ELISA.
We offer custom peptide ELISA plates with optional incubation and assay service and an off-the-shelf Histone Peptide ELISA for screening of PTM specific antibodies or enzymes.

Tailored Peptide ELISA

Send us your peptide sequences and receive your tailored peptide ELISA. We offer various specifications to meet every requirement.
Please choose from the following options:

  • Peptide ELISA specification:
    • Discovery Grade: Unpurified peptides but truncated sequences are removed during immobilization
    • Validation Grade: Custom Peptides with full HPLC-MS analysis and guaranteed purity
  • Peptide ELISA plate format:
    • 96 well plate
    • 12 x 8 well strips

Applications for Peptide ELISA

  • Antibody epitope mapping
  • Immune profiling
  • Determination of antibody titers
  • Analysis of protein-protein interactions
  • Analysis of enzymatic reactions
  • Validation of microarray results

Application Note:
"A Modular Approach for Epitope Discovery and High-Resolution Profiling of Humoral Immune Responses"
by N. Pawlowski et al

Benefits of Peptide ELISA

  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Economic production of tailored ELISA plates
  • Easy-to-use and compatible with standard ELISA protocols and equipment
  • Generation of quantitative results
  • High sensitivity

References for Peptide ELISA

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