Peptide Conjugates

For effective immunization procedures and generation of anti-peptide antibodies, the use of peptide-protein conjugates (peptides conjugated to carrier proteins e.g. BSA, KLH, RSA) is recommended since peptides alone are usually insufficient in generating an immune response.
A critical step in generating such conjugates is finding a suited strategy to couple synthetic peptides to an appropriate carrier molecule after peptide synthesis and purification. Selecting the most suitable carrier protein and choosing the correct conjugation chemistry can significantly improve the chance of producing high titer antibodies towards the peptide antigen of interest.
Ideally, the conjugated immunogen should present a peptide epitope similar to that observed in the native protein, with the correct orientation and flexibility. Keyhole limpet haemocyanin (KLH) or bovine serum albumin (BSA) are routinely used as carrier proteins.
Conjugation of the synthesized peptide to the carrier protein is achieved via an N-terminal cysteine or C-terminal cysteine amide residue added to the peptide's sequence. Crosslinking between the peptide and the carrier is commonly effected by an MBS-mediated optimized coupling procedure.
However, other carrier proteins (e.g. ovalbumin, thyroglobulin, tetanus toxoid, diphtheria toxoid, tuberculin PPD) and conjugation procedures (e.g. glutaraldehyde, bis-diazotised tolidine (BDT), carbodiimide) are available upon request.

Application for Peptide Conjugates

  • Immunization for antibody generation

Specifications for Peptide Conjugates

  • Different crosslinking chemistries available (MBS, WSC, glutaraldehyde and more)
                   o Glutaraldehyde - links carrier molecules to N-terminus of peptide
                   o Carbodiimide (WSC), - attaches carrier to C-terminus of peptide 
                   o Succinimide esters (e.g. MBS, SMCC) - binds free amino group and Cys residues
  • Different carriers available (KLH, BSA, ovalbumin, thyroglobulin and more)
  • Purification: low molecular weight contaminants will be eliminated by size filtration
  • QC/QA: MALDI MS (except for KLH)
  • Small organic molecule conjugation available
  • Amount: 1 to 100mg/peptide can be conjugated
  • Delivery: as chilled peptide-conjugate solutions
  • Our peptide synthesis, purification as well as aliquotation and pooling are controlled by our ISO certified quality management system.



Testimonials for Peptide Conjugates

"AbD Serotec uses JPT’s custom peptide services for many years to generate large numbers of monoclonal antibodies. With the consistent high quality services, the competent customer support and the stringent QA/QC procedures JPT clearly became our preferred peptide partner"
Dr. Karin Jury, AbD Serotec – A Division of Morphosys, Munich, Germany

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