NeoSpikeMix™ for Immunopeptidomics

In immunopeptidomics, the verification of neo-epitopes within short non-tryptic peptide sequences is still challenging due to limited sensitivity and specificity. LC-MS/MS measurement of ~170.000 synthetic peptides showed that more than 10% of the assigned spectra were not in agreement with the respective synthetic references with standard data analysis routines. These results highlight the urgent need for reference peptides to be used in immunopeptidomics such as JPT’s NeoSpikeMix™:

  • Customized peptide libraries for immunopeptidomics
  • References for MHC I and MHC II binding HLA peptides by mass spectrometry
  • Fast and cheap access to reference peptides
  • Increase accuracy of neo-epitope identification

Applications for NeoSpikeMix™ for Immunopeptidomics

  • Mass spectrometry-based neo-epitope prioritization
  • Neo-epitope identification
  • HLA ligand identification and optimization

Benefits of NeoSpikeMix™ for Immunopeptidomics

  • Hundreds or thousands of peptides within one week
  • Low price
  • Provides high sensitivity as needed for low abundance epitopes
  • Light or stable isotope-labeled

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