Immune Monitoring

Cancer neo-antigens are considered important targets for personalized cancer immunotherapy. However, development and application of patient-specific cancer therapies pose a challenge for fast, flexible and cost effective ways to monitor the immune response to these treatments. Overlapping, neo-epitope spanning peptide libraries, pools and arrays represent efficient immune monitoring tools for both humoral and cellular immune responses. As for each patient a different individually synthesized set of peptides is required, standard commercial peptide synthesis approaches fail to accommodate the need for capacity and speed required for large trials. Therefore, we developed and offer unique peptide formats for the specific needs of immune monitoring when developing neo-epitope based therapies. Our high-throughput peptide synthesis approach paired with automated liquid handling for pooling and aliquoting as well as a proprietary peptide microarray technology provide access to a large selection of peptide formats enabling cellular and humoral immune monitoring accompanying individualized neo-epitope based immunotherapy trials.

Cellular Immunity

PepTrack™ Peptide Libraries for T-Cell Assays

Our customized peptide libraries with flexible layout and specifications are optimized for cellular immune monitoring assays such as  ELISpot, Flow Cytometry or cytokine staining assays.

> PepTrack™ Peptide Libraries

SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools

SpotMixes™ represent overlapping & pooled peptides generated with our proprietary ultra-high throughput SPOT technology and are a quick and economical solution for immune monitoring in neo-epitope therapy development and discovery projects.

> SpotMix™ Antigen Discovery Pools

Humoral Immunity

PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays

Our customized peptide microarrays offer profiling of cancer specific samples or antibodies, detection of epitopes and epitope spreading and vaccine target identification. Our custom peptide microarrays display overlapping peptide scans through antigens and neo-antigens, or selected amino acid sequences. You define the content and layout; we the economic and fast production in our regulated clean-room environment. We also offer our assay and analysis service using your samples with custom tailored peptide microarray.
PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays

Peptide ELISA

We offer customized peptide-coated ELISA plates (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). ELISA is a well-established analytical and highly sensitive immunological assay for proteins but requires detailed experimental know-how for using peptides. Peptide ELISA is used for mapping of epitopes, neo-epitopes  and definition of protein interaction sites or as validation assay to confirm results obtained with JPT’s peptide microarrays.
> Peptide ELISA

PepSpots™ Peptide Arrays on Membrane

PepSpots™ are membrane-bound peptide arrays used for efficient and inexpensive antibody epitope mapping and protein-protein interaction studies. Peptides are synthesized by our proprietary SPOT technology directly on hydrophilic cellulose membranes, which minimize non-specific binding. Easy detection using standard ELISA protocols.
PepSpots™ Peptides on Cellulose

Quality Assurance

All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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