Methylated Peptides

Peptide Methylation

  • Occurs at arginine or lysine residues, resulting in methylarginine or methyllysine
  • Is an important post-translational modification of proteins
  • For the synthesis of methylated peptides several methyl groups can be transferred to arginine or lysine (see figures)
  • JPT can provide all of the mono-, di- and tri-methylated Arg and Lys analogs listed

Methylated Proteins

  • Are involved in the regulation of several cellular functions, e.g. transcription and cell division
  • Prominent example: Methylation and demethylation of histones in epigenetic regulation, influencing the availability of DNA for transcription

Please also have a look at our PTM Reference & Kits for direct usage as reference material in mass-spectrometry based proteomics to support PTM proteomics.

Arginine Methylations

PTM Arginine 01 Arginine Methylations

Lysine Methylations

PTM 02 lysine 01 methylations
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