Lysine Modifications & Arginine Modifications

Arginine Modifications

Frequently occurring post-translational arginine modifications at arginine are the transformation to citrulline and the nitration to nitro-arginine.
For methylated arginine please visit Methylated Peptides.

Lysine Modifications

Post-translational lysine modifications are succinylation, malonylation and acylation for example. Another modified lysine (Lys(GG)) is formed by the tryptic digestion of ubiquitinylated peptides. The resulting peptide is a valuable reference standard for the determination of ubiquitinylation via proteomics workflows.
For methylated lysine please visit Methylated Peptides.

Please also have a look at our PTM Reference & Kits for direct usage as reference material in mass-spectrometry based proteomics to support PTM proteomics.

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