Linker / Spacer / PEGylations

In recent years, PEGylation, the covalent attachment of polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains, has evolved into a widespread method for enhancing the stability and bioavailability of peptides in vivo. The FDA has approved PEGylated drugs of varying PEG chain lengths possessing MWs from 5‑40 kDa. JPT can attach PEGs of varying lengths and employ a range of alternative chemistries to ensure success.

Spacers of different lengths can also be incorporated anywhere in the peptide. Spacer attachment is usually through an amide linkage but other functionalities are possible. A few examples from the plethora of available linkers/spacers are listed below.

Linker/Spacer (Examples)

Name Length (Number of Bonds) Structure
Beta-Alanine 4
O1Pen 6
Aminohexanoic acid (Ahx) 7
O2Oc 9
O1Pen-O1Pen 12
12-amino-dodecanoic acid 13
Ttds 19
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