Histone Code Analysis Service

Histones are subject to post-translational modifications (epigenetic marks) that influence chromatin structures. The histone code hypothesis suggests that combinations of these modifications play a role in the regulation of gene expression.

Based on our high content histone code peptide microarray we offer a unique histone code analysis service. The microarray presents 3800 unmodified and modified histone peptides that carry most possible modifications, including acetylation, methylation, butyrylation, propylation, succinylation, malonylation, citrullination and phosphorylation as well as various combinations.

Our microarray features:

  • Histone tails with various composite histone marks for identification of antibody epitopes including possibly occluded epitopes
  • Core sequences with modifications representing the growing number of identified modifications within the histone cores
  • Variant sequences enabling the analysis of preferred non-canonical over canonical histones

Antibody Specificity Profiling

Test your histone antibody specificity including post-translational modifications!

Epigenetic research is based on the assurance of antibody specificities especially when it comes to post-translationally modified epitopes. Our comprehensive histone peptide microarray is the tool to validate your anti-histone antibodies.

The Histone Antibody Specificity Profiling Includes:

  • Assay with your antibody plus appropriate secondary antibody control (human, mouse, rabbit, rat and others available)
  • Raw data analysis
  • Summary of results including data table and visualization of results via heatmap and bar plots
No. of samples price per sample (incl. 1 control)
1 -   4 samples 1490 € / 1690 US$
5 - 14 samples 1050 € / 1190 US$
15 - 22 samples 850 € / 915 US$

Histone Reader Profiling

Identify the preferred epigenetic marks of your histone reader!

We use our histone code microarray with all known modifications and combinations thereof to characterize the binding profile of your histone binding proteins.

Our Histone Reader Profiling Includes:

  • Fluorescent labeling of your protein or binding domain
  • Incubation with histone code microarray & fluorescence read-out
  • Raw data analysis
  • Summary of results including data table and visualization of results via heatmap and bar plots
no. of samples price per sample
1 -   4 samples 1840 € / 2390 US$
5 - 14 samples 1290 € / 1690 US$
15 - 22 samples 1040 € / 1340 US$

Applications for Histone Analysis Service

  • Mapping and validation of protein-histone interactions including PTM dependencies
  • Testing of histone antibodies including PTM dependencies
  • Enzymatic activity profiling including PTMs
  • Histone reader profiling

Application Note:
Use of High-Density Histone Peptide Arrays for Parsing the Specificity of a Histone-Modifying Enzyme Complex
by Shechter et al.

Benefits of Histone Analysis Service

  • Coverage of all known natural variants (sequence variants and PTMs)
  • All-in-one assays service including incubation and analysis
  • Tailored peptide microarrays upon request
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