Epitope Discovery Service & Seromarker Profiling

Our epitope dicovery service offers incubation and data evaluation on the basis of our peptide array technology PepStar™.  By using JPT's high content peptide microarrays, proteome-wide profiling of immune responses and epitope discovery becomes reality for the first time. Our peptide array services range:

  • Efficient profiling of B-cell epitopes
  • Serological screening for novel peptide binders and biomarkers
  • Epitope mapping
  • Profiling and screening of antibody preparations and patient samples
  • Detection of immunodominant regions in single antigens
  • Studying infectious and autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancer
  • Applying whole proteome libraries or random peptide displaying microarrays

Applications for Epitope Discovery Service & Seromarker Profiling

  • Identification of seromarkers for cancer, infectious & autoimmune diseases and allergies
  • Peptide biomarker validation
  • Multiplexed immune monitoring in clinical trials
  • Elucidation of antibody signatures in vaccination studies
  • Monitoring of humoral immune responses
  • Identification of novel vaccine targets

Application Notes:
A Modular Approach for Epitope Discovery and High-Resolution Profiling of Humoral Immune Responses
by Pawlowski et al

Benefits of Epitope Discovery Service & Seromarker Profiling

  • Take advantage of our proprietary peptide microarray platform
  • Well established incubation services & assay services for seroscreening, protein-protein interactions and enzyme profiling
  • All sample handling and profiling in environment regulated by DIN ISO 9001:2015 and GCLP
  • Flexible co-immobilization of controls
  • Strong bioinformatic support for array design and data interpretation
  • Purified peptides and Peptide ELISAs for validation available

Peptide Array Service Specifications

Send us a short description of your project and we will:

  • Provide suggestions on array platform and controls to be used
  • Provide a quotation for all-in-one services
  • Perform synthesis of peptides and generation of peptide arrays
  • Incubate peptide arrays with your protein/patient sample
  • Evaluate and interprete data
  • Assign signals to corresponding peptides sequences
  • Quantify signals
  • Provide a comprehensive and confidential report
  • Functional characterization of mapped epitopes
  • Suggestions for follow-up experiments


"Carolus’ technology enabled the development of therapeutic peptides and antibodies that target specific interactions between macrophage migration inhibiting factor and its chemokine receptors as well as RANTES and platelet factor-4. JPT's PepStar™ peptide microarray platform as well as its full profiling service and data interpretation capabilities have been a reliable and robust approach to elucidate the molecular details of these protein- protein interactions."
Dr. Joshua Schultz (Carolus Therapeutics, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA)

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