Viral Transduction

Transduction, a natural process that introduces foreign DNA into a cell by a virus or a viral vector, is often used as a tool to generate transgenic cell lines in research and clinical development (e.g. for CAR-T therapy). The viral vectors that are used to insert or modify genes in mammalian cells lead to expression of the genes transferred or even insertion into the cellular genome (in the case of lentivirus and retrovirus vectors). However, low transduction efficiencies of viral vectors pose a significant problem in genetic cell engineering, making it necessary to use transduction enhancers. JPT's Protransduzin™ enhances transduction by bridging viruses to the cell surface in one step, requiring less time and minimizing risk of contamination due to less manipulation steps in comparison to other products.

Transduction Enhancer Protransduzin™

Protransduzin™ is a highly efficient transduction enhancer, which increases lentiviral and retroviral gene transfer in preclinical and clinical applications, such as ex vivo gene therapy, CAR-T cell therapy or cell line production. Maximize your transduction with Protransduzin™!
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Quality Assurance

All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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