Cellular Immune Monitoring

Our peptide formats allow efficient profiling of target-specific cellular immune responses by cellular assays such as ELISPOT and Flow Cytometry. As successful immune monitoring has a huge impact on the success of clinical studies, JPT has developed unique peptide specifications that avoid peptide cross contamination, inhibit false positive T-cell stimulation by synthetic by-products, eliminate cell toxic by-products and allow for peptide stability monitoring, peptide solubility evaluation and more.

The combination of our long-term peptide chemistry and bioinformatics knowledge with highest regulated quality standards enables efficient, high quality clinical profiling of cellular immune responses.

PepMix™ Peptide Pools

Our antigen spanning PepMixes™ are available in a large variety of off-the-shelf peptide pools (e.g. for EBV, HCMV, Adenovirus, BKV, HHV6 and tumor associated antigens) or customized for your clinical application and antigens (e.g. epitope & neo-epitope, overlapping peptide pools and more). We also offer a wide variety of standardization and control pools such as CEFX Pools and HCMV (pp65).
> PepMix™ Peptide Pools

PepSup™ Cell Activation Kit

PepSup Cell Activation Kit is a highly standardized, peptide-based cell activation assay for analysis of cytokines or other mediators of interest in whole blood streamlining your monitoring approach.
> PepSup™ Cell Activiation Kit

MHC Multimers for Detection of Antigen-Specific T cells

MHC Multimers are used for detection, enumeration and isolation of antigen-specific T cells in fluid cell samples (PBMC, blood) by flow cytometry.
> MHC Multimers

Antigen Peptides

Specific epitope peptides for stimulation of T cells in interferon gamma-releasing T cell assays such as ELISPOT for efficient immune monitoring, mapping of T cell epitopes or development of immunotherapies and vaccines.
> Antigen Peptides

T Cell Assay Services

We offer T-cell assays such as ELISpot, ICS/flow cytometry and multimer staining in our dedicated S2 lab according to ISO 9001 regulations. Additionally, we can assist you with target selection, sequence analysis/bioinformatics and peptide library design. Our service includes peptide synthesis, peptide pooling, matrix pool design & plating and the T cell assay.
> T Cell Assay Services

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