Cell Therapy Peptides & Pools

With the recent success of immunotherapy and cell therapies (cytotherapy) the need for clinical grade peptides & peptide pools has grown rapidly. To meet the requirements for peptides in cancer immunotherapy by adoptive cell transfer or dendritic cell pulsing, JPT has established an enhanced production protocol for tailored cell therapy peptides and peptide pools. We produce all of our clinical peptides and pools such as neo-epitope pools, antigen-spanning peptide pools and peptide libraries according to our stringent Clinical Grade or ISO PLUS policies that even exceed the most current DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 regulations*.

About Peptides in Cell Therapy & Immunotherapy

  •  High quality synthetic peptides are essential for all immunotherapy development phases 
  •  Individual peptides, peptide pools or peptide conjugates are needed
  •  Examples include adoptive cell therapy, dendritic cell pulsing and CAR-T cell therapy

Peptides are Better Antigens

  • Epitopes or overlapping  peptides and pools may mimic protein antigen function
  • Neo-epitopes enable personalized therapies
  • Peptides can be synthesized in high purities at low bioburden or sterile
  • No antigen expression needed, no bacterial contamination, ADCF regulations applicable
  • Sequence diversity and post-translational modifications can be addressed

Why Work with JPT?

  • We are the quality leader for peptides in immunotherapy
  • We have unique peptide formats for discovery, therapy, and immune monitoring
  • We understand peptide requirements of your application and offer personal consultation
  • We have a long track record of successful studies and projects

Clinical Peptides & PepMix™ Pools

JPT’s Clinical Peptide product lines Clinical Grade and ISO Plus Peptides & PepMix™ Pools are produced in production environments regulated by an enhanced ISO 9001:2015 quality management system for the stringent product requirements of cell therapy such as adoptive cell therapy and dendritic cell pulsing. The resulting products have been shown to be applicable in various clinical applications*.
> Further information and quote request: Clinical Peptides

*Peptides of Clinical Grade and ISO PLUS specifications are designed, manufactured and tested under a quality system certified to ISO 9001.Peptides and peptide pools are intented for in vitro and research purposes only. Any use beyond this intented use requires the explicit approval of the customer’s legislative and regulatory agencies. The customer is obliged to obtain advice from local regulatory authority and shall be solely responsible to ensure that the products are suitable for customer’s particular use and that intented use will not infringe statutory law. JPT invites its customers to visit, inspect and audit its facilities to verify if peptides or peptide pools produced under Clinical Grade or ISO PLUS conditions are suited for a specific application.

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