BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides

BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides are designed for biomedical screening assays that require immobilization onto streptavidin coated beads, membranes, glass slides or microtiter plates (e.g. Peptide ELISA). BioTides™ are synthesized by JPT's proprietary SPOT synthesis technology providing fast access to large numbers of biotin peptides at unmatched pricing.

Properties of BioTides™ Biotinyated Peptides:

  • Each biotin peptide is N-terminally biotinylated at the N-terminus
  • Flexible hydrophilic linker between biotin and peptide
  • BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides shown to be excellent for screening assays, e.g. as ELISA peptides
  • Specialized synthesis method results in automatic removal of truncation sequences during immobilization
  • BioTides™ provide the same performance as purified peptides from standard peptide synthesis at much lower cost, because our
  • Incorporation of non-natural amino acids or post-translational modifications like methylation or phosphorylation possible

Applications for BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides

    Benefits of BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides

    • Parallel HTP synthesis means unmatched low prices & fast delivery
    • Turnaround > 10,000 peptides / week
    • Ready-to-use freeze dried peptides in 96 well microtiter plates
    • Coating of ELISA plates & incubation service available!

      Testimonials for BioTides™ Biotinylated Peptides:

      "Our group at OHSU has purchased more than 50 000 peptides over the past few years from JPT to support our proteome wide TB epitope discovery program.  We are impressed by the turnaround times and highly competitive pricing structure for such large numbers of peptides and are very satisfied with the responsive and professional service."
      Gwendolyn Swarbrick, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA

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