Bioinformatics & Cheminformatics

JPT Peptide Technologies has a long standing and focused expertise to escort biomedical screening and peptide lead optimization programs with its comprehensive bioinformatic and cheminformatic capabilities.
We offer application of our unique know-how and expertise as part of our high content peptide microarray and custom peptide synthesis services or in R&D collaborations focusing on seromarker profiling, peptide hit discovery and optimization.

Service Specifications

  • Detailed discussion of your project and definition of a suitable strategy based on scientific feasibility and experience
  • Receive project proposal on how our bioinformatic and cheminformatic expertise can support your project
  • Obtain detailed and comprehensive service reports


  • Design of peptide content for high-density peptide microarrays and complex peptide libraries
  • Design of peptide libraries based on biological pathways, literature data or complex database search strategies
  • Generation of homology models and use of available structural information for peptide selection
  • Optimization of hit and lead structures (affinity, physicochemical properties, ADME)
  • Prediction and modeling of data
  • Scaffold design for native-like presentation of peptides
  • Interpretation, management and integration of data


  • Long term track record on the discovery and development of peptides in drug discovery and diagnostic development
  • State of the art prediction, data interpretation and data mining algorithms and software paired with chemical and biological know-how
  • Expertise available as a fee-for-service or in collaborative partnerships

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Quality Assurance

All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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