Acetylome - Acetyltransferase & Deacetylase Microarrays

Acetylation of lysine ( resulting in acetyl lysine) residues in proteins and peptides is a post-translational modification (PTM) that plays a major role in regulating transcription and other metabolic processes. Acetyl lysine was originally discovered in histone proteins about 40 years ago, the extent of this modification in other cellular proteins, so-called non-histone targets, has been largely underestimated. Recent mass spectrometric investigations have identified more than 5,500 lysine acetylation sites in human proteins.

Acetylome - Acetyltransferase & Deascetylase Microarrays:

Applications for JPT’s Acetylome - Acetyltransferase & Deacetylase Microarrays

  • Analysis of binding specificities of acetylation-specific protein domains
  • Profiling of lysine-acetyltransferases and lysine-deacetylases
  • Determination of specific substrates
  • Identification of epigenetic targets involved in the human acetylome

Application Note:
"Exploring the Human Acetylome Using High-Density Peptide Microarrays"
by M. Schutkowski

Benefits of Acetylome - Acetyltransferase & Deacetylase Microarrays

  • All human acetylation sites on one microarray
  • 2 microarrays (acetylated vs. non-acetylated lysines)
  • Peptides are free of truncated sequences
  • Applicable to a variety of biological samples
  • Low background on glass surface, read-out via fluorescence
  • Screen thousands of potential peptide substrates economically
  • Readout is performed by differential measurement, allowing comparative analysis (a control microarray is provided with each order)

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