Absolutely Quantified Peptides SpikeTides™ TQL

Absolutely quantified peptides are used for protein quantitation in mass spectrometry based proteomics, e.g. for selected reaction monitoring (SRM), multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) and parallel reaction monitoring (PRM). Stable isotope labeled quantified peptide standards  are used as internal standards to identify and quantify proteotypic peptides from proteins of interest such as biomarker quantitation.
JPT developed a peptide quantitation technique that shows several advantages over traditional quantitation methods. We attach a small chemical Qtag, which is cleavable by trypsin or other proteases, to the proteotypic peptide (=SpikeTides™ TQL Peptide) that we use for peptide quantification. Within the sample spiked with the appropriate SpikeTides™ TQL peptide, the protease will cleave the peptide-tag bond, thus quantitatively releasing the desired proteotypic peptide for your experiment.

jpt's quantitation traditional quantitation
Principle Selective & absolute UV quantitation of target peptide HPLC purity & amino acid analysis
Variation (CV) 5% 5-15%
Repeat quantitation with same sample possible Yes No
Sample preservation Yes No
Cost Low High

Also have a look at our SpikeTides™ Proteomics Peptide Standards without absolute quantitation.

Absolutely Quantified Peptides SpikeTides™ Options:

SpikeTides™_TQ - light quantified peptides

SpikeTides™_TQ Proteotypic Peptides

SpikeTides™_TQ are quantified, proteotypic peptides that have a C-terminal tag that can be cleaved by tryptic digestion.
Amounts: 5 x 1 nmol/target peptide
Purity: Purified
Application: Absolute protein quantification
Price: from 125 US$ / 108 € (depending on number of peptides ordered)
Validated pooling service available upon request!

SpikeTides™_TQL - isotopically labeled & quantified peptides

SpikeTides™_TQL Proteotypic Peptides

SpikeTides™_TQL are heavily labeled, quantified, proteotypic peptides that have a C-terminal tag that can be cleaved by tryptic digestion.
Amounts: 5 x 1 nmol/target peptide
Purity: Purified
Application: Absolute protein quantification
Price: from 198US$/184€
Validated pooling service available upon request!

Maxi SpikeTides™ - options for large peptide amounts

Of course, all SpikeTides™ options can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Maxi SpikeTides™ are synthesized by standard resin-based custom peptide synthesis and very flexible. Choosing Maxi SpikeTides™ enables:

  • longer peptides
  • higher amounts per peptide
  • guaranteed purity for each peptide
  • no minimum peptide number
  • classical AAA quantification of peptides available
  • use of various PTMs (Post-Translational Modifications)
  • validated pooling service available

    Please inquire for your Maxi SpikeTides™ via email!

    Applications for Absolutely Quantified Peptides

    Benefits for Absolutely Quantified Peptides

    • Nondestructive quantification method
    • Re-quantification at endusers laboratory feasible
    • HPLC-purified peptides
    • Enables monitoring of peptide stability, precipitation and adhesion
    • Absolute and direct quantitation
    • SpikeTides™ TQL approach is robust and cost effective
    • Fully compatible with downstream analyses like MS and HPLC
    • Enables chemical barcoding of complex SpikeTides™ mixtures within the JPT-tag

    Testimonial for Absolutely Quantified Peptides

    "My unit at the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, University of Toronto Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR) works on the systematic identification and quantification of proteins and protein complexes on a global level. In addition we have started to perform targeted proteomics to study protein regulation within pathways, e.g. signaling pathways during stem cell fate decision. For this we used JPT's various SpikeTides™ peptide products to build LC-MRM assays in a fast and cost efficient manner. More recently we also found new ways of using low cost SpikeTides™ as quantitative peptide standards in order to quantify protein targets more accurately. We are currently in the process of validating this technology for the accurate quantification of various predicted microRNA targets."
    Prof. Andrew Emili (Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto, Canada)

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    Quality Assurance

    All production is performed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards

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