Antigen Peptides

Antigen peptides represent individual immune dominant epitopes for different viral, bacterial and other species, whereas our PepMix Peptide Pools reproduce a whole protein by a mixture of overlapping peptides. 

Presented by MHC molecules at the cell surface peptides derived from viruses, bacteria and also self-antigens are recognized by circulating lymphocytes. If the presented peptide is not self-derived it leads to an immune reaction. We offer antigen peptides representing specific epitopes for antigen-specific immune response profiling.

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Specifications of Antigen Peptides

  • Trial Grade: each peptide purified to > 90% (HPLC/MS)
  • Quick Delivery Time: 2-5 days
  • HPLC-MS analyses included to confirm the identity quality
  • ISO 9001 certified production
  • Optimized synthesis protocols avoid contaminants and side products
  • Infectious Disease Antigens, Tumor Associated Antigens, Diabetes Antigens, Controls and more

More than 350 Antigen Peptides in stock from more than 40 different species!

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