Standardize Your T-Cell Assays & Benefit from 30% Launch Discount!

We are proud to introduce our new Universal T Cell Assay Standard TERS™ Kits!

Produce your own T cell receptor-engineered reference samples (TERS) with a defined number of antigen-specific CD8 T cells and benefit from:

• Using a single standard for all antigen-specific T-cell assays
• A simple protocol & all-in-one kit
• Standardized monitoring of antigen-specific T-cell assays
• Calibration of antigen-specific T-cell assays
• Standardization across time, platforms & laboratories

Order now and receive a 30% Launch Discount!

Together with our new CEFX & EFX SuperStim Pools we now offer the most comprehensive toolbox to validate and standardize your T-cell assay.

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