References for Clinical Proteomics? Try the NEW SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS!

JPT is a market leader of innovative tools for protein quantitation by mass spec based proteomics. Our proprietary absolute quantitation method is known to overcome the limited accuracy and high costs of traditional methods.

Our new absolutely quantified reference peptides enable end-user quantitation of peptides, thus allowing to monitor potential peptide loss due to insolubility and adhesion to surfaces.

SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS

  • Robust & reproducible
  • Peptide quantification via HPLC-MS and UV
  • High accuracy (variation CV= 5%)
  • Enables end user quantification prior to experimental protocols
  • Measures peptide loss due to precipitation, adhesion and more
  • Allows chemical barcoding of complex mixtures

SpikeTides™_TQL PLUS are custom stable isotope-labeled, peptides that have a C-terminal QTag cleaved by tryptic digestion.

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