PAMGEME AND JERINI PEPTIDE TECHNOLOGIES JOIN FORCES - Partnership pioneers a new approach to kinase research

Den Bosch/The Netherlands, Berlin/Germany – June 23, 2004:
PamGene International BV and Jerini Peptide Technologies (JPT), a Division of Jerini AG, have established a collaboration to provide a new technology for kinase studies. PamGene’s ability to generate kinetic read-out of multiple kinase activities on their 3-Dimensional Microarray Platform is complemented by JPT’s advanced peptide expertise and extensive peptide libraries. The joint product offering has been designed to provide significant benefits to signal transduction-focused Medicinal Chemistry groups. Both companies are already active in the kinase field and see many opportunities to further advance this area together. The technology combination is expected to provide specific advantages for lead generation and optimisation by providing comprehensive characterisation of lead compounds, including selectivity, potency and mechanism of action information. The joint technology of PamGene and JPT has been developed through close co-operation with drug development experts from the pharmaceutical industry and scientific advisors. With this technology, the cost of the drug discovery process can be reduced substantially as Dr Rob Ruijtenbeek, Head of Kinase Research at PamGene explains,“ One of the main challenges in pharma R&D is improving compound selection. With PamGene’s 96-well array platform and JPT’s kinase peptide substrates, it is now possible to generate kinetic read-out of multiple kinase activities in one experiment. Additionally, we can analyse multiple conditions on a single plate, e.g. inhibitor concentration series. The high content and high quality kinetic data will allow much more intelligent selection and prioritisation of leads that enter the subsequent expensive stages of drug development.” Dr Mike Schutkowski, Director of Jerini Peptide Technologies adds,“ Employing our PepSpot™ technology to rapidly synthesize large numbers of different peptides in parallel at very low cost has enabled us to develop versatile tools widely used for many biomedical applications, such as enzyme profiling, biological screening and immunological applications. We are delighted to see that our comprehensive peptide sets for kinase profiling are joined with PamGene's microarray platform to arrive at a unique combination of content and user-friendliness. There is no question that this will make peptide tools more readily accessible to many scientists and enable further advances in this field.”

About Jerini Peptide Technologies

JPT (Jerini Peptide Technologies), a separate business unit of Berlin-based Jerini AG, is a leading supplier of innovative peptide-based services and products. JPT is a unique partner for services ranging from ultra-fast custom peptide synthesis to the assembly of highly sophisticated peptide arrays and ready-to-use peptide kits for biomedical research.

About PamGene Invernational B.V.

Based on its versatile 3-Dimensional Microarray Technology, PamGene International b.v. provides solutions for pharma-biotech research & development and clinical diagnostics through the formation of partnerships. PamGene owns patented technologies for second-generation microarray products including an innovative transcription profiling system. Founded in 1999, PamGene operates in an international network of scientific and commercial partners from its home base in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and employs almost 45 people.

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