Need Quantified PTM Reference Peptides?

Compared to unmodified peptides, mass spectrometric (MS) identification and quantification of post-translationally modified (PTM) peptides frequently pose challenges. Those result from unique physico-chemical properties, limited stability, solubility issues, low ionization intensities and other issues.
In order to overcome such problems and to enable systematic development, optimization and validation of assays we have developed a broad range of PTM reference peptides.

Our new SpikeTides™ Quantified PTM Reference Kits & Peptides provide access to 24 different PTMs and are applicable for direct usage in MS-based proteomics.

- Large range of PTMs
- Ready-to-use kits for specific PTMs
- Stable-isotope labeled (SIL) peptides
- Peptides are purified and absolutely quantified

Did we miss a PTM of your interest?
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