Measure T-Cell Clone Specificity with PepMaster™

Our new PepMaster™ is a Positional Scanning Peptide Library for the identification of stimulating peptides for T-cell clones.

PepMaster™ Positional Scanning Peptide Library offers 181 different peptide mixtures, each containing a very large number of 9mer peptides. The peptides in a mixture are identical with respect to one single, fixed amino acid position but are variable with respect to all other positions creating peptides of the format:
Mix 1: A1-X2-X3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8-X9
Mix 2: X1-A2-X3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8-X9
Mix 3: X1-X2-A3-X4-X5-X6-X7-X8-X9

‘A’ represents alanine, and ‘X’ represents any amino acid
The concept of using positional scanning peptide libraries for measuring T-cell specificity has been shown in many peer reviewed publications. With PepMaster™ we offer a positional scanning library that is as easy-to-use as PepMix™.
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