JPT Peptide Technologies and Mount Sinai School of Medicine Announce Collaboration on Discovery of Novel Peptide-Based Biomarkers Related to Food Allergies

Berlin, Germany – July 24, 2006:
JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH (JPT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jerini AG (FSE:JI4), and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) announced today their collaboration on the discovery of B-cell epitopes, aimed at accelerating the development of vaccines and personalized diagnostics in the field of food allergies. This collaboration combines MSSM's proven track record of identifying and deciphering relevant food allergens with JPT's proprietary PepStar™ peptide-microarray platform, which produces complex peptide microarrays that scan diverse protein antigens and entire proteoms. The main goal of the collaboration is the discovery and validation of novel peptide biomarkers to accelerate development of innovative immune monitoring tools and immune therapies for patients suffering from food allergies. The work at MSSM, to be conducted by a team of scientists headed by Prof. Hugh A. Sampson, Director of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at MSSM, will focus on applying samples of diverse patient populations suffering from various kinds of food allergies to JPT's peptide microarrays. "Our experience has shown the use of peptide microarrays to be a highly efficient and cost-effective tool for the systematic screening of the B-cell response of complex patient populations. In this context, JPT's platform is unique in both its synthesis power for tens of thousands of peptides and its suitability for resulting microarrays for the purpose of biomarker identification by means of patient sera," stated Prof. Hugh A. Sampson. Mike Schutkowski, Managing Director at JPT and inventor of JPT's microarray platform, adds, "Having shown the performance of our high-throughput synthesis technology, SPOT™ for proteome-wide T-cell epitope discovery in indications such as tuberculosis, as well as our peptide microarray platform, PepStar™ for discovery of B-cell related biomarkers in fields like infectious and autoimmune diseases, we are excited about making our technology available to a highly recognized partner in the area of food allergies." JPT Peptide Technologies will apply its high-throughput peptide synthesis and screening platform to generate large numbers of peptides derived from food allergens, which will be used to produce identical copies of peptide microarrays for further incubation with patient samples.

About JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH:

JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH is a leading provider of peptide-based research tools for applications focusing on vaccine development, peptide biomarker discovery, and enzyme profiling. Using its patented high-throughput synthesis and screening platform, SPOT™ its peptide microarray technology, PepStar™ and PepMix™ a new approach for antigen specific T-cell stimulation, JPT has developed a series of innovative products and services to facilitate the development of novel immunotherapies and immune-monitoring tools. JPT's ability to produce highly complex peptide libraries and peptide arrays makes possible, for the first time, the discovery and profiling of B- and T-cell epitopes on proteome-wide levels. In addition, this capability facilitates the development of tools to monitor the immune status of diverse patient populations suffering from infectious and autoimmune diseases, allergies, and cancer. JPT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berlin-based Jerini AG.

About Mount Sinai School of Medicine:

Located in New York City, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) is internationally recognized for ground-breaking clinical and basic-science research, as well as innovative approaches to medical education. Through the Mount Sinai Graduate School of Biological Sciences, MSSM trains biomedical researchers with an emphasis on the rapid translation of basic research discoveries into new techniques for fighting disease. One indication of Mount Sinai's leadership in scientific investigation is its receipt during fiscal year 2004 of $153.2 million in research grants. Mount Sinai now ranks 25th among US medical schools in research support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). MSSM is also known for its unique educational programs, including the Humanities in Medicine program, which creates opportunities for liberal arts students to pursue medical school. Among its other instructional innovations is the Morchand Center, the nation's largest program teaching students and physicians to become not only highly skilled clinicians, but also compassionate caregivers. Long dedicated to improving its community, the MSSM extends its boundaries to surrounding areas to provide access to health care and educational programs to at-risk populations.


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