JPT Launches "PepTrack(TM) - Peptide Library Technologies" for T-cell Assays in Vaccine Development

Berlin, Germany – January 27, 2009:

JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH (JPT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jerini AG (FSE:JI4), announced today the launch of its new product line: PepTrack™. Designed for peptides in T-cell assays (ELISPOT, CFC, ICS and others), this approach represents the most efficient technique for producing large numbers of peptides simultaneously. In addition, PepTrack™ production is in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 and Good Clinical Laboratory Practices.

JPT offers four delivery options for T-cell assays: 1) Fast Track for proteome-wide T-cell epitope discovery programs 2) Research Track for T-cell epitope mapping studies 3) Discovery Track for immune monitoring applications and 4) Trial Track for vaccination trials.

The new product line combines JPT's proprietary technologies with its in-depth knowledge of T-cell assays in discovery research and clinical trials. "Our clients' experience has shown that peptides with inappropriate specifications can, potentially, not only jeopardize T-cell assay performance, but also entire clinical studies," states Holger Wenschuh, Managing Director at JPT. "Avoiding sources of false positive T-cell response, eliminating toxic contaminants that inhibit T-cell activation, and developing and validating reproducible production processes have been the key drivers in the development of this new product line."

As a worldwide leader in peptide research and production, JPT has now increased its production capacity to more than 2 million peptides per year.

About JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH
JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH is a leading provider of peptide-based research tools for applications focusing on cellular and humoral immune response monitoring, vaccine development, peptide biomarker discovery, and enzyme profiling. Using its patented high-throughput synthesis and screening platform, SPOT™, its peptide microarray technology, PepStar™, PepMix™, a new approach for antigen specific T-cell stimulation, and PepTrack™, a novel approach to create peptide libraries for specific use in T-cell assays, JPT has developed a series of innovative products and services to facilitate the development of novel immunotherapies and immune-monitoring tools. JPT's ability to produce highly complex peptide libraries coupled with its peptide array technology enables, for the first time, the discovery and profiling of B- and T-cell epitopes on a proteome-wide level. In addition, this capability facilitates the development of tools to monitor the immune status of diverse patient populations suffering from infectious and autoimmune diseases, allergies, and cancer. JPT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berlin-based Jerini AG.

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Managing Director
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