Jerini reorganizes its peptide technologies business unit

Berlin/Germany – July 15, 2004:
Jerini has transferred its peptide technologies business unit to a wholly-owned subsidiary to ensure further growth and increased market penetration. Under the direction of former business unit head Dr. Holger Wenschuh the business will be continued as JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH. JPT provides peptide-based products and services whereas Jerini AG will focus on drug discovery and development. The new subsidiary will improve its market visi-bility as a fee-for-service provider and will be able to react even faster than today to market development and customer needs thus enhancing marketability of their products. JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH has taken over all employees, production facilities, intellectual property, and contractual obligations related to the former business unit. The new subsidiary continues its strategy to provide and develop innovative peptide-based services and products for biomedical research. „The foundation of an independent company facilitates our strategic development towards a unique outsourcing partner for pharmaceutical companies”, said Holger Wenschuh, Managing Director of JPT, adding, „our main efforts will be related to the further development and provision of high-content peptide tools for signal transduction research, immunology and high-throughput screening.”

About Jerini

Jerini AG is a drug discovery and development company based in Berlin, Germany. The company has built a pipeline of several preclinical and two clinical projects (phase II) with its proprietary Peptides-To-Drugs (P2D) discovery platform. The company’s lead molecule Icatibant, a highly potent and specific peptidomimetic bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist is entering pivotal registration trials in the third quarter of this year in the indication Angioedema. P2D was developed by the company to address extra- and intra-cellular targets and to overcome the limitations of conventional HTS or protein-based discovery approaches. Jerini’s wholly-owned subsidiary, JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH (“JPT”), provides innovative peptide-related services for all fields of biomedical research.

For further information please contact:

JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH
Dr. Holger Wenschuh
Managing Director
Volmerstr. 5
12489 Berlin/Germany
Tel: +49 - 30 - 6392 - 7880
Fax: +49 - 30 - 6392 - 5501

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