Jerini and Bayer enter into service agreement on complex peptide set production

Berlin/Germany – May 14, 2003:
Jerini Peptide Technologies (JPT), a subdivision of Jerini AG, and Bayer AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: BAY), a leading pharmaceutical company, today announced that Bayer has signed an agreement related to the use of Jerini’s patented PepSPOT™ technique. Under the terms of the agreement, JPT will supply Bayer with large libraries of peptides which subsequently will be used in High Throughput Screening (HTS) against undisclosed drug targets. Financial terms of the service agreement were not disclosed. "The extension of our collaboration with Bayer underpins the value of SPOT for drug discovery. We are delighted to receive such high validation from Bayer and are very pleased to see how Jerini’s proprietary high throughput synthesis and screening concept finds broad acceptance among large pharmaceutical companies,” said Holger Wenschuh, Ph.D., Head of Jerini Peptide Technologies.

About Jerini Peptide Technologies

Jerini Peptide Technologies (JPT) provides innovative peptide related services for all fields of biomedical research. Numerous proprietary technologies and products including JPT’s high throughput peptide synthesis and screening platform make JPT a unique partner for tailor-made peptide tools and custom synthesis.

About SPOT Technology

SPOT is a positionally addressed high throughput chemical synthesis and screening meth-odology for peptides and peptidomimetics on membranes. The technology is protected by a worldwide issued patent. Depending on the format, between 2,000 and 20,000 molecules can be synthesized in parallel in a fully automated process. The molecules can be screened with the target protein either directly on the membranes or in a released form using HTS formats. Applications of the technology include for example large peptide sets for screening, high throughput mapping and functional characterization of B- and T-cell epitopes as well as rapid profiling of protease and kinase substrates. 

Jerini AG is a drug discovery and development company based in Berlin, Germany. Jerini’s Pep-tides-to-Drugs approach increases drug discovery efficiency by addressing targets that are/were not amenable with conventional methods. The company’s pioneering approach encompasses the systematic transformation of peptides into drug candidates. Jerini’s integrated array-based and medicinal chemistry technology platforms (SPOT™, PepStar™ and PepMed™) support the identification of pharmacophore information and the subsequent conversion into drug like substances, including orally active small molecule leads. The company’s platform has been vali-dated by a broad worldwide customer base. - The current portfolio of Jerini ranges from early to preclinical stage projects as well as two advanced clinical projects currently being in phase IIa clinical trials.

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Managing Director
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