Improve Your Proteomics Assays Using Standardization Kits

We are happy to launch new tools for standardization of mass spectrometry-based proteomics assays such as MRM. The new Retention Time Standardiazion Kit and CAMCheck Kit expand our portfolio of easy-to-use and inexpensive assay controls.

CAMCheck Kit
Monitor the efficiency of carbamidomethylation during proteomic sample preparation!
Benefits: Compatible with bottom up workflow, straightforward data analysis, application in native protein digests

Retention Time Standardization Kit
Normalize retention times in proteomics experiments and optimize HPLC gradients!
Benefits: Application in biological samples, broader LC gradient coverage than all competitors, similar intensities of all peptides

SpikeMix™ ABRF (cross-species standard)
Use this pool of proteotypic peptides from conserved proteins as standard across human, mouse and rat!
Benefits: Quantification of multiple proteins in a single sample, 1000 stable-isotope labeled peptides in one pool

TrypCheck Kit Fluorescence
Estimate efficiency & reproducibility of tryptic sample preparation!
Benefits: Easy-to-use and fast, fluorescence read-out

We welcome any comments, questions and suggestion on existing or new products!

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