Improve your Assays with PTM Reference Peptide Standards

Mass spectrometric identification and quantification of post-translationally modified (PTM) peptides frequently pose challenges due to unique physico-chemical properties, limited stability, solubility issues, low ionization intensities and other issues.

Overcome such problems and develop, optimize and validate assays with our

PTM Reference Peptides & Kits

  • 30 NEW SpikeMix™ PTM Reference Pools
  • 24 different PTMs
  • Ready-to-use kits and pools
  • Peptide sequences selected for high recovery in LC-MS
  • Stable-isotope labeled (SIL) peptides
  • Absolutely quantified PTM reference peptides available

Have a look at the recent publication by TU Munich using our new PTM Reference Peptide Standards:

ProteomeTools: Systematic characterization of 21 post-translational protein modifications by LC-MS/MS using synthetic peptides.

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