Happy New Year 2018

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

Thank you for your continued trust, loyalty and cooperation with JPT Peptide Technologies throughout the last year! It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to serving you again in 2018.

During the last years your questions, compliments and critiques have been critical to the improvement of our services and products. In order to improve our services, please be so kind as to fill out our little questionnaire.

Your JPT Team

JPT's 2017 Highlights

  • JPT and collaborators satisfied a major milestone in the human proteome analysis project resulting in a well-received Nature Methods publication.
  • Two breakthrough papers in Nature (Ott et al., Sahin et al.) featured JPT's peptides in immunotherapeutic workflows!
  • We launched and published a variety of new standardization and reference kits helping to bring mass spectrometry based Proteomics to the next level of multiplexed biomarker discovery & quantitation.
  • Cell and immunotherapy have been major drivers for our product portfolio last year. We launched several new technologies and products from antigen discovery to therapy development and immune monitoring.
  • Clinical T-cell assay standardization became much simpler with our new CEFX/EFX Ultra SuperStim Pools and the Universal T Cell Assay Standard TERS™ Kits.
  • We welcomed Dr. Michael Drosch as new Business Development Manager in Europe to our team!
  • JPT's representatives participated on 20 scientific meetings presenting posters and talks, published 4 papers and co-hosted 6 ELISPOT workshops.
  • Our two peptide running teams succeeded at the Berlin Company Relay Race. Have look at our Facebook Profile!
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