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We will be attending the

AACR Annual Meeting 2017
April 1-5, 2017
In Washington, D.C., USA

Would you like to learn about peptide-driven, cell based therapies and assays for immunology and cancer immunotherapy?
Our technical background and experience in the field, as well as decades of experience in synthetic peptide synthesis, will help us work together towards a common goal of improved immune therapies and monitoring tools. We will partner with you in your trial by providing knowledge and tools from neo-antigen and epitope discovery, to peptide vaccines and ex-vivo T cell expansion.
Stay informed about state-of-the-art peptide tools including our PepMix™ Peptide Pools for T cell assays, our GxP peptide capabilities for immunotherapy as well as our PepStar™ Peptide Microarrays for seromarker discovery and humoral immune monitoring.

Please contact me to set-up a face-to-face meeting as I will be present throughout the entire conference!

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Aaron Castro, PhD
Business Development Manager
Phone:978 631-4225
Fax: 888 578-2666
Cell: 347-931-4501

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