Boost Peptide Reliability with Peptide Analysis Services

JPT has a substantial, long-standing expertise in custom peptide synthesis providing highest quality also for modified or specialty peptides, clinical peptides and post-translational modified peptides regulated by our ISO 9001 certified quality management system. We have a very high success rate of over 99% as we go the extra mile to get your custom peptides done!
However, JPT not only is the expert for peptide synthesis, but also conducts a wide variety of peptide analysis services. We routinely analyze all the peptides we produce and offer you additional quality measurements and analytical services to support QC/QA requirements of your specific application. 

Our peptide analysis portfolio includes:

  • Chemical & physical analyses such as peptide sequencingpeptide solubility and stability testing, residual solvent, counter-ion, and  water  determination as well as amino acid analysis and enantiomeric integrity measurement.
  • Biological testing such as bacterial endotoxin, peptide sterility, bioburden or cell toxicity evaluation.
  • Our proprietary Manufacturability Evaluation /Ranking applies an algorithm on the basis of literature and experimental data from tens of thousands of synthetic peptides and predicts potential difficulties to rank a given set of peptides according to their overall manufacturability. 

We welcome and invite your comments and are happy to discuss your discovery projects in detail!

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