Address Sequence Diversity with NEW ULTRA Peptide Microarrays

Sequence diversity among pathogens is a critical factor for immune monitoring, immunotherapy or vaccine development to ensure ubiquitous effectiveness.
With our proprietary ULTRA technology we are able to encompass a broad spectrum of sequence diversity represented in our growing portfolio of RepliTope™ Antigen Collection Microarrays.
Have a look at our latest additions!

HBV Ultra
Covers 53 annotated proteomes of HBV (4782 peptides)

HCV Ultra
Covers antigens of different serotypes (5952 peptides)

HIV Ultra
Covers full length proteins of gag p17 & p24, tat, nef and env & other immunogens (6758 peptides)

NEW: HIV Ultra 2
Covers full length of env, gag, pol and nef (5867 peptides)

M. tuberculosis Ultra
Covers 40 antigens of 17 different MTB strains (6388 peptides)

NEW: Malaria Ultra
Covers antigens of Plasmodium falciparum and Pl. vivax (5346 peptides)

Pan-Flavivirus Ultra (Zika)
Covers proteins of ZIKV, DENV 1-4, WNV, YFV and SLEV (6253 peptides)

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