A superior 5'-cap structure for mRNA's showing enhanced antigen expression & T-cell immune response

How to synthesize mRNA's with superior antigen expression efficiency & immune response stimulation?

Synthetic messenger (m)RNA finds increased application for the delivery of genetic information of antigens into cells in vitro as well as in vivo.
A critical element for optimal antigen expression and immune response generation is the stability and translational efficiency of the respective mRNA, which is highly dependent on the nature of the 5'-cap structure of the mRNA.

Here we introduce a unique, modified mRNA cap that allows synthesis of mRNA with superior properties relative to conventionally capped mRNA's.
Compared to a variety of commonly used structures the new cap called Beta-S-ARCA has been proven to yield mRNA with increased stability and enhanced protein expression efficiency as well as superior immune response stimulation in vivo (Kuhn et al. Gene Therapy 17, 2010, 961-971).

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Beta-S-ARCA(D1) Cap Analog increases Protein Expression from Synthetic Messenger RNA
By Andreas N. Kuhn, Mustafa Diken, Joanna Kowalska, Jacek Jemielity, Edward Darzynkiewicz, and Ugur Sahin

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